Movie: Decos New futuristic headquarter

Decos is shaping the New Way of Working in a meteorite

Decos new headquarters

The Decos Technology Group has moved into its headoffice on the Noordwijk Space Business Park. The futuristic premises, which is in the shape of a fallen meteorite, is based around the New Way of Working. This office with its sloping walls is possible as the company is completely paperless and therefore no cabinets are required. In addition, the wide-open spaces and glass walls make the workplace highly transparent. “The most important thing is for our office to be an inspiring and innovative meeting place,” says Decos CEO Paul Veger.


Interior Decos new headquarters

One thing is certain: the head office of the Noordwijk IT organization is certainly an inspiring working environment. The premises was designed to resemble a fallen meteorite, with its bizarre sloping walls, striking blue exterior and wraparound windows. Inside, there are large, spacious open-plan offices on every floor, inspirational meeting rooms – including an innovative brainstorming space and two areas for standing meetings – and a cozy Starbugs coffee corner. “This really turns our office into a meeting place, where our employees come of their own free will to meet colleagues and exchange ideas,” as Mr Veger explains the unusual design.


The New Way of Working

Interior Decos new headquarters

The futuristic shape of the building is only possible because Decos has switched over completely to the ‘new way of working’: all the administration is completely digital, which means that no cabinets or storage spaces are required. The interior is completely geared towards the new way of working. “This new way of working happens very naturally at Decos, as we are using our own technology. All the administration is online, so we have no cabinets. Most of the workstations are flexible workstations where employees can log in with their laptops. This means they do not have a fixed workstation, but choose the spot which is most suited to their task,” explains Mr Veger.


Decos new headquarters“With us, however, the New Way of Working means more than just working independently of time and place. The technology makes it possible, but it all starts with a business culture of trust. We set great store by empowerment, which means that our staff have a high level of responsibility and independence. In order for this to succeed, all information must be transparent and accessible everywhere. This not only ensures the best end result for our clients, our employees also find it highly valuable: they are extremely committed and motivated, as they are taken seriously. Furthermore, working in this new building is also hugely enjoyable: as there are so many great places to work, I am convinced that we will develop outstanding solutions here!”