Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide



Architectural photography is characterized by its cleanliness. The picture should not be containing any kind of clutter. Light and distinctive architectural shapes should be the feature of the picture.




Only use photography conceptual: all images need to be relevant. Clear and fresh images (bright colors, as much skies as possible). Accessible, friendly and inviting situations, the viewer should feel that he’s part of the scene. No duotone or other filters or ‘staged’ images that aren’t realistic and natural. Choose (and crop) images that are not flat, so you experience a lot of space in the image:


Not a big field of depth.


Fore- and background are far from each other, or there is a lot of space and/or sky in the image.



In order to emphasize or to lay the focus on an image the striping should be used. The lines are positioned around the object that is to be emphasized connected by little dots. The lines should slightly fade away. The striping can also be used as a graphic element to add an energetic look & feel to a publication as shown below. The colour should be 60% anthracite on a white background.




The slope as a brand element is to be used in combination with photography. The slope should always be in an angle of 3° in order to create consistency over all publications. The logo is always placed in the right lower corner in the middle with the Decos logotype aligned. This system applies to all formats.



Of course you are more than welcome to use any of our pictures. Please select one of the images below by clicking on it.