Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide



The basic principles of the Decos icons are:

  1. Clear & fresh:
    • No frames needed (use all the space for the icon).
    • Line style icons: design by simple lines (like the Decos branding).
  2. Transparent & flat:
    • Flat design (no shadow, gradient, bevel or emboss).
    • Just one colour: white on colour, colour on white, white on image.

Do you need more icons? You can ask Marcia van Kampen, or do it yourself:

The Decos logo is the starting point of the line style illustrations:
• As you can see in the examples of the icons below, the opening in the lines is located in the top left corner as much as possible.
• Only if there is a relevant other location for the opening, you may skip the rule above (like the heart icon on the right).

If you design new icons, please share them with us for creative review and to complement the current icon set. You can send the new designed icons to Marcia van Kampen.