Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide



The Decos Logo has been constructed on an isometric grid, which allows to create perfectly balanced slopes, verticals and horizontals.

The main character E is made of three horizontally parallel aligned strokes that are ‘cut off’ by an significant sharper angle from the left side, and therefore creating an resemblance with the Decos HQ.

The upper strokes of the characters D and S are extended to the sides to create an overall balance to the italic logotype and adding an outspoken energetic forward aspiring feeling.

The stroke endings are rounded upward to add a more human touch to the logo. The logo has an forward and upward movement in it.

The tagline is placed underneath over the complete width of the logo. The distance is exact half of the height + the stroke width of the logotype.


Logo grid

Use of logo: Do's

The Decos logo may be used with or without tagline.

There are two versions of the logo which can be used: one white on anthracite background and one anthracite on white background.

The logo needs space to breathe and therefore a minimum distance to the next object of the inner shape of the O is required as shown below.

When placed on an image it should be placed without disturbances underneath it.



Use of logo: Don'ts

Here’s how the Decos logo never should be used.

It is critical to adhere to these rules in order to maintain brand consistency.

  • Do not change colours of the logo.
  • Do not squeeze it.
  • Do not place it over essential parts of an image or parts that render the logo unreadable.

Logo dont's


Please find below the Decos logo in different formats. You can download the ZIP-file of whichever logo you need.