Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide

Decos Brand Guide



Typography represents a very important part of the brand. The chosen typefaces for Decos reflect the openess that is visible troughout the Decos brand touchpoints, as well as in the Decos HQ.

Both typefaces have been natively designed for the use in pixels (screens) in contrast to traditional fonts that are designed for print (paper). This suits the paperless policy of Decos.

Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova Thin is a very legible open and spacious fonttype, it’s simple geometric elegance make it very suitable for the use in headers.

Open Sans Regular is even more legible on smaller sizes and therefore the optimal choice for body text.


Are you a designer working on a Decos assignment, and in need of the Proxima Nova or Open Sans font? Please let us know via and we’ll send you the font.



Some means of communication require UTF (Unicode) fonts, which are installed standard on most operating systems in the world. When it is unavoidable, as is in email traffic for instance, Arial should be used as substitute.



Breathing Space

Typography as well as architecture are all about the distribution of space. Therefore, proper spacing is crucial for the appearance of the titles, texts and its content and needs to be as consistent as possible throughout all the brand’s touch points.


Breathing space


Headers are set in capitals in Proxima Nova Thin. The overall spacing should be set to 200. The leading should be determined by the heigt of the capitals so that the space inbetween rows amounts to ¹/³ of the capital height.

Body text and subheaders are set in Open Sans Regular. The spacing here should not be touched in order to ensure optimal eligibility. Use the specified styles in templates to avoid confusion.



These values however only apply to professional layout software. In Microsoft Word and PowerPoint one should use the specified styles in the templates.


Use of typography: do's

The typography may be used freely, though always with respect to the proposed heading- and body text balance.