Citizens and Hollands Kroon keep streets clean with Fixi

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Marcia van Kampen

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News – September 9, 2016. The North Holland municipality of Hollands Kroon has a very unique approach to keeping its municipality clean and in good working order. Citizens can use the Fixi app to report any damage to the public space. The municipality will then come and resolve the problem as soon as possible. The results show that the reported issues are being resolved much more quickly thanks to Fixi.


Report deficiencies in public space


Fixi was developed by Decos in Noordwijk and Hollands Kroon has been partnering with Decos for 4 years now. The app is used to report any deficiencies or damage in the public space to the municipality at any time and from anywhere. You simply take a picture of the problem and send it to the municipality through the Fixi app.

The app contains a menu where the user indicates the type of report (public green space, roads and traffic, or sewerage system problems, etc.). The report is then sent directly to the service team in the field. The app also provides the user with status updates on the issue.


Easier and enjoyable


Preliminary results show that reported issues are resolved much more quickly thanks to Fixi: the municipality of Hollands Kroon guarantees a response time of no more than five days.“The Fixi app makes it much easier and more enjoyable for municipal workers to help the citizens,” says Wanno Vink, field service team manager with the municipality of Hollands Kroon.

“We hear about problems or inconveniences in the municipality right away. We can now pick up reported issues so much quicker. However, the most important thing of all is that this is a very convenient way for the citizens to report a problem. We even receive compliments via the app about how quickly we have been able to resolve problems. This serves as a great motivator for our employees.”


Fixi is available as a web app and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app works everywhere in the Netherlands. In Hollands Kroon Fixi is linked directly to the municipality’s back office systems, so that a case is created and a workflow is initiated automatically. The field service team uses the Fixi response app so that they can respond to a reported problem in the field right away. When reporting issues to municipalities that do not yet use Fixi, Fixi sends the message to that municipality’s general digital municipal service desk.


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