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News – October 18th 2018. We have been working together with our customers for over thirty years. They help us develop the best software, provide feedback about the support they need and enable us to solve their problems and meet their challenges. Every once in a while we find mistakes or bugs in our software – which is why we lovingly call our lunchroom ‘Starbugs’. However, mistakes or bugs can’t be solved by coffee alone. So we keep evaluating ourselves and our products to be able to offer the best possible service for our customers. In the following, we would like to tell you what we do.


Every day improvement


We improve ourselves every day. Via various ways we receive feedback about our products and our support. Because we are an organization without managers, the lines of communication between employees are short, which enables us to work fast and efficiently. Add to this dedicated staff that enjoys a lot of freedom, is encouraged to take the initiative and works hard, and the end result is a powerhouse that is wholly dedicated to the best possible customer support.


Cooperation is key


At Decos we all work together. We hire and train young talents. Alongside them programmers are working every day to improve our products. They, in turn, are aided by the expertise of our Customer Support Unit. Together they solve the problems that come natural when developing state of the art software. To further the quality of our service, employees of the Customer Support Unit meet four times per year to hone their skills and exchange information. This is how we achieve safe and easy-to-use products.


Talent is basic


We have recently hired new staff at our Customer Support Unit and are continually looking for new talented people to strengthen our team. New employees have been tasked, in cooperation with our technical staff, to scrutinize the entire Customer Support Unit. Their aim is to improve service by shortening the time it takes to act upon a ticket (a service request). The first results of this new approach can already be witnessed.


Tools for you


The Customer Support Unit has recently been granted access to a support dashboard which helps to markedly improve their performance in handling the most important tickets. We have also launched self-service, a service that allows the customer to choose the time when he or she wants help. This way, we at Decos can help you solve problems while you can look in on us.

These are just several of the current developments at Decos. Every day, we strive to be better until we can rename our lunchroom.


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