We do what we do because we have a passion for progress. We want to take our responsibility in helping to make the world of tomorrow a better place. Our people share that enthusiasm and take you by the hand. By being an inspiring example and simply by showing you that it is possible. In a sustainable fashion, of course.


We have put together a special team of unique people, both in the Netherlands as well as India. They all have expertise and experience, of course. Commitment and passion. Everyone. All in all, more than 200 professionals that will make a difference for your benefit. Who facilitate, advise and empower you to join us on the road to a promising future.


We digitalise our world. That is our way of helping to remove the things that are a burden to us and to our planet. Of course, we go about this in a sustainable fashion, because that is the only road to a better future. Which is why we work paper-free, under climate-neutral circumstances and we produce less and less CO2 emission every year. This is how we demonstrate that this is feasible for everyone, including you.

What we stand for

  • Innovation

  • People-oriented

  • Inspiration

  • Connectivity

  • Passion

Paper-free main office

Working for Decos

We are always looking for people who want to change the world of tomorrow. People who dream of a better world and who want to constantly improve themselves as well. Of course, these people are good at what they do and they do what they do together with colleagues and clients. They accept their responsibility and leadership in that respect. Are you our new colleague?

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