Decos Academy

We gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you. We have established a good reputation in the sphere of e-Government with the Decos Academy. We offer both field-specific master classes as well as interactive workshops. We also offer training courses for managers and users. Please note that all our trainings are in Dutch.

Training courses

If you intend to work with JOIN, then you will want everyone in your organisation to make the most of it. Which is why the Decos Academy offers training courses on every level: for the users and case workers to the technical managers. That is the only way to get everyone on board: practical, hands-on, forward.


In our workshops, we show you how JOIN can help you to adapt specific components of your processes. Examples include the organisation of your case-oriented information system or compiling reports. All of this in interactive sessions, during which we will gladly share our experience with you and the group can think along in finding a solution to your problem.

Master classes

We organise master classes on a regular basis during which we discuss the latest developments and trends. We examine a topical theme in-depth, allowing you to acquire a lot of knowledge, regarding the digital signature for example, in a short time. The best practices provide insight into how to go about translating the new insights into your own organisation.

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