On Nov 14, 2016 Decos brought together The Embassy Of The Netherlands and Pune Municipal Corporation on the theme of ‘Solid Waste Management’ through the concept of ‘Gamification’. This event was hosted by  an official school of the Pune Municipal Corporation – ‘Late Ramchandra Bankar School’; and witnessed participation from more than 6 schools across Pune City.



Hon. Mayor Prashant Jagtap inaugurated the workshop after which the students were enlightened about Solid Waste Management by Mr. Suresh Jagtap – Dpty Commissioner of Solid waste Management. Mr Suresh Jagtap made the students aware of small things they can start doing at home that will create a larger impact on society. He also demonstrated through videos some initiatives that have been taken towards waste management in the city of Pune.


Workshop on gamification


After this knowledge sharing session, the facilitators Krista Hendriks from the Dutch Games Association and Ellis Bartholomeus, proprietor of Ellisinwonderland conducted a workshop where the children had to come up with ideas on how they would communicate this information to their friends and family by using Games. The objective was to gamify the knowledge transfer process; which makes it more fun and simpler to understand.


The Children worked with great enthusiasm and used their creativity to the fullest to come up with some brilliant ideas.  They came up with ideas using Board Games, Quizes and Skills based games as a medium to share this information to people around them. These ideas were presented at the end of the workshop and a winner was decided.


Such initiatives give students the opportunity to approach the future with an innovative outlook. Decos, was appreciated by The Embassy Of The Netherlands and The Dutch Games Association for making this event a success.