Defining tomorrow

We have a passion to create the future. We want to take our responsibility to make the world a better place. By digitization and using smart technology, we put people in the lead and give them the possibility to come closer together.

We believe in











Our people

We have plenty of expertise and experience, but that is not the most important to us. Important to us are the people. Natascha, Bastiaan, Rahul, Nilish: all warm personalities who will work with passion for you. And we have 150 Decosians more with the same personality. They keep inventing themselves and take their responsibility.

Come work with us

We are always looking for people who want to change the future. For people who dream of a better world and who want to learn and reinvent themselves – constantly. Naturally, they are good at what they are doing, together with colleagues and customers in self managing teams. Are you our new colleague?


Paperless headquarters

At our headquarters in Noordwijk, we work paperless. In other words: we work 100% digital. As a result, we work more efficient, transparent and cooperate better with colleagues. Moreover, by working digital, we produce less waste which is a plus for the environment.

We reduce our CO2-emission continuously


Our fleet of vehicles only counts
electric or hybrid cars


We operate completely
on green power


We do not use paper and
we produce scarcely any waste


We communicate a lot via
Video Conference or Skype


We send back paper post
and request for digital mail

Electric driving

Also with our lease policy we take the future into consideration. Our staff drives in electric or plug in hybrid cars. We refuse to drive in polluting vehicles. In this fun way, we reduce our CO2 emission. We already have 18 charge points at our parking lot – which can also be used by our visitors.