Design elements

Do you need any design elements of Decos, like our brand guide, the logo or photography?
Of course we are happy to supply you with any! Feel free to download whatever you need on this page.

Are you looking for more? Please let us know via

Brand Guide

In the Decos brand guide, you can find our design guidelines, like the usage of logo, colours, iconography and typography.

We have formulated these guidelines in order to create and maintain a consistent and coherent brand identity. Everyone who is working with the Decos brand should be aware of these guidelines and make sure to apply them accordingly. Consistency is key! 


We have an extensive set of icons that you can use in design. They have been developed to support and complement the visual identity. 


The font we use is Proxima Nova. However, this font is not free to use by everybody so we can not offer you a download link. 
Are you a designer working on a Decos assignment? Please let us know via and we'll send you the font. 


Whenever writing a Word file or making a Powerpoint presentation, plese use the templates we have designed for you. 

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