Background purpose

Harness the unstoppable force of technology to create positive impact

We are at a pivotal point in history. Technology is taking over, leading the way.

As it rushes on, we need to use it to our advantage. It’s up to us to do the right thing!



We believe that we can contribute to a better world by using the power of technology for good. When our innovative solutions meet the challenges of our customers, we truly make a difference for all.

But innovation is a continuous process. It is a journey that will go on forever – grinding on from one solution to the next. That is why we stay curious to crush the status quo. We know we can.

Because through focus and specialization we truly understand what our customers need. We never stop exploring the latest technologies to solve their next digital challenge.

This is not just something we fancy. It is our obligation. To keep pushing, to find new solutions beyond our current limitations.

Like innovation, our curiosity never stops.



What we do

Enabling People with Advanced Technologies for a Better Future

As a global IT services company, we help organizations establish their digital foundation, optimize operations, foster innovation, and enhance service delivery.

Our dedicated team operates worldwide, serving customers across countries. Leveraging technology and curiosity, we drive change, create value, and make a positive impact. We take pride in enabling smarter and more efficient work.

With our standard and custom solutions tailored to specific needs, we combine technical expertise with industry experience to deliver tangible results. Our wide range of services fosters a culture of initiative and a genuine drive to propel our customers' success.

Wat wij doen

The Decos Technology Group has various labels, each with its own specialization and market focus


  • Decos Government is known for the JOIN suite process and document management, customer interaction solutions, an integration platform, and Fixi, with a focus on the government sector.
  • For years, Doclogic has been a trusted presence in the Netherlands, serving knowledge-intensive organizations within sectors such as education, healthcare, and business services, as they ambitiously shape their process-oriented workflows.
  • Decos Healthcare pioneers innovative hardware and software solutions, including advanced medical devices and tools for process optimization, catering to organizations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domains.
  • Through Decos Engineering Services, we offer global digital engineering services and product engineering services to assist organizations in various industries with innovation. Our services include modernizing outdated systems, developing tailored solutions, and deploying IT specialists and engineers to meet diverse needs.
  • CenterOne is the software specialist in the field of Permits, Supervision, and Enforcement (PSE) for government and semi-governmental organizations in the Netherlands.

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A better future starts today

At Decos, we are dedicated to sustainability, which means finding the right balance between people, the planet, and economic growth.

By carefully considering these factors, we meet the needs of today while preserving opportunities for tomorrow. We live by our words, integrating sustainability into everything we do.