Success Stories

Explore how our tailored services and expertise have empowered our clients to overcome obstacles, achieve their desired outcomes.
Success story - cloud
Cloud <-> Intranet Gateway Design
As business priorities shift, modern cloud-enabled technologies are more critical than ever in healthcare. However, scaling cloud can be complicated. Healthcare is at a tipping...
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Perforce to Git migration
Perforce and Git are two different types of source control systems that help developers track and manage changes to software code. Perforce is a centralized...
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Deep learning
Protecting Privacy Using Deep Learning
A government customer required grievances/incidents redressal management system. To maintain the transparency the customer was required to keep this data accessible to their citizens. Citizens...
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test automation
Test Automation Dashboard
Software test automation is a process of performing tests on an application to validate its behaviour with the help of test automation tools. Whenever an...
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Verification of Medical Devices in Remediation
We know the importance of verification of medical devices before they are used on patients. It is essential to verify if the device meets the...
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NOAH Integration
Noah was introduced and is supported by the Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’ Software Association (HIMSA). The Noah system is a unified system for performing patient-related tasks...
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appointment scheduler
Automated Appointment Scheduler
A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature that understands human voice/text interaction and provides an intelligent response based on the input received and the...
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reliable testing
Improving reliability of an application
We are already aware of the benefits of automated testing. It brings speed, accuracy, reusability, and scalability to the testing process. But can it be...
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Digitalized In-Vivo Examinations
These days customers seek regular updates with constant improvements in functionality. It becomes imperative that the software development team iterates faster and deliver new features...
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Application modernization
Reduce your support cost through Modernization.
Any technology solution becomes obsolete with the passage of time. Such a solution needs continual support and upgrades, which can be both difficult and expensive...
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test automation
Reducing Time to Market Using Automation Testing
In today’s world, where customers seek regular updates and constant improvements in functionality it becomes imperative that the development team iterates faster and with more...
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IEC 60645
Complying Medical Devices to IEC 60645 Standard
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is an international standards organisation that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies. Any device...
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