IFS Plus

IFS has collaborated with Decos to create IFS Plus. With this solution, IFS Customers have the enterprise content management system JOIN fully integrated in their IFS suite.


About IFS


IFS is a multinational enterprise software company headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with 2700 employees at offices all over the world. IFS provides component-based extended enterprise software for ERP, Enterprise asset management (EAM) and Enterprise service management (ESM) built on SOA technology.


Its primary product is IFS Applications which it develops, supplies, and implements. IFS is recognized as the third largest vendor of enterprise asset management (EAM) software by ARC Advisory Group. ARC identified IFS as having the number one market share position in EAM for aerospace and defense, number two in oil and gas, number three in power generation and the number three spot for market share in EAM across all industries worldwide.


IFS Plus: Hybrid solution


Decos and IFS have collaborated to provide hybrid solutions to their customers. In this collaboration, Decos offers IFS Customers the IFS Plus suite which comprises of Decos’ flagship product ‘JOIN’ which is an enterprise content management tool. IFS Plus also comprises of creating various mobile apps on IFS and also IoT solutions. This hybrid product enhances the end user experience and delight amongst IFS customers.


The IFS Plus solution enhances the user experience of the IFS suite. The unique value proposition of IFS Plus is its simplicity. IFS Plus leverages technical capability of the JOIN Suite, which is a very popular product in many Municipalities and Corporates in The Netherlands. Over the next 12 months, IFS Plus is seen to emerge as the new age framework for ERP applications making them simpler and accessible across multiple technology platforms.


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