Working for Decos

We are always looking for people who want to change the world of tomorrow. People who dream of a better world and who want to constantly improve themselves as well. Of course, these people are good at what they do and they do what they do together with colleagues and clients. They accept their responsibility and leadership in that respect. Are you our new colleague?

lean & agile

We believe in the power of co-creation. That‘s why we work closely with one another: colleagues, clients and partners. Within Decos, we do so according to the principle of the connected organization: without management, in teams where everyone is empowered to take responsibility and to challenge one another to bring out the best in themselves. We create our solutions according to the Agile and Scrum methods of Lean Start, so we can offer you a good result as efficiently as possible. 

Our way of working

  • Leading by example

    We work following the principles of our products. We practise what we preach. 

  • Em-power to the people

    We experience freedom in our work and approach. We are self-managing and don't follow strict processes. 

  • Lean & learn

    We test a lot and always validate our findings with our clients. We learn fast and iterate fast. 

  • Where the magic happens

    We strive for being unique and try to disrupt to reach the best. We are open to change and invited to dream. 

Want to apply?

At the moment, we have no job openings at Decos Asia. If you’re ready to join the passionate team of technologists defining tomorrow, then mail us at

We do have some vacancies at Decos Netherlands. If you want to join us, check out our Dutch site

Attention: false recruiters are using the Decos name

Scammers are active, using the name of Decos! False recruiters are actively offering jobs at Decos. This is a scam. We would never ask for personal details through email. We only have offices in India (Pune) and in the Netherlands (Noordwijk), so please first check where the job is located.

Below you see a few screenshots of some of the notifications we received. Did you receive an offer from a recruiter? Please check with Decos first via We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, we are working very hard to stop these people using our name for a scam.




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