This year, a lot of robots were to be found at CES. Big brand LG commits strongly to robotics with 4 new robots. Robots are rapidly on their way to become part of our daily lives.



Personally, I am a big fan of social robots that can interact with humans and help us with our chores and work. CES 2017 had some interesting news to offer.


LG launched an Airport robot to guide travelers and an Airport Cleaning robot. In addition, LG launched the Hub Robot (Alexa powered, very JIBO like) and a lawn mower. Bringing four very diverse robots to the market shows a strong commitment from LG. This is an important move to the field of robotics, as other brands are bound to follow.


Kuri, a robot by Mayfield (a Bosch startup) is a little home robot for 699 dollar. This robot is in the same domain as the Buddy robot will be when it (finally) launches. Also Asus showed it’s Zenbo robot last year that is in the same field. Social companion robots for your house look to become a reality soon.


Ewaybot launched MoRo, an expensive 30.000 dollar robot with arms. Currently focused on universities but with plans of significantly reducing the price-tag to get it into our homes as personal butler.


AMY robotics showed its robot line up with its social robots targeted at families, enterprises and health.


Future Robot showcased FuRo, a social robot platform. Three such robots are currently being used at San Jose Airport.


Tipping point


The availability of these new platforms means entrepreneurs can develop apps for them. Robot platforms are like smartphones: cool devices that become valuable with the right apps.


We are witnessing rapid advancements in robot platforms and AI technology driving them.


With more and better robot platform on the market, more and more entrepreneurs and companies will step in. As robotic solutions become increasingly common and people get used to having robots around, new opportunities will unveil themselves.


To me, this underlines once again that robots are very much on their way to become part of our daily lives.