Our people

We have an abundance of expertise and experience, but that is not the most important thing. Our people are what is most important. Natascha, Bastiaan, Rahul, Nilesh: warm, young people who work for you with passion, everyone of them. And we have 200 more people at Decos who make us proud. Because they do their job well in freedom and with a sense of responsibility, but also because they continuously invent themselves.


Every destiny begins with a dream. Those who dream of a better world today are the ones who change the world of tomorrow.

Decos empowers dreamers. Because we know that only in a challenging environment of continuous learning we can be creative enough to create the future. We interact in an open way with each other. What’s ours is yours too, to share means a better opportunity for everyone. Simply put, we’re all in, so you can be too. Only when you are the best that you can be, we can be the best that we can be. Creating solutions that empower dreamers.


Decos Values

  • Dream

  • Empower

  • Create

  • Open

  • Share

ICT vacatures@_ICT_vacature

Nieuwe #vacature Accountmanager 'Lokale en Regionale Overheden' https://t.co/bB98kB6G9Q #Decos

Marion Denissen@mariondenissen

@431IBC @Decos @nuth 2 dagen zelfs. Toch wel met overnachting aan zee dan? :-)

Nico Barski@431IBC

Vandaag dag 2 van een waardevolle training bij @Decos. Dit keer met Rob Kleijwegt. @nuth kan verder vooruit.

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