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Decos' Industry Accelerators, an award-winning agile and tailored business process automation solution, provides you the flexibility to modify the process in real-time without affecting underlying IFS ERP.

Automate improve and align
business processes for success


Advanced workflow automation complements your ERP and helps organizations achieve 100% digitization. The enhanced transparency and pace of work helps in achieving business goals faster.


Organize and store documents
and other enterprise content

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Create a single source of truth for content within your organization. It is the key to make your systems and teams work together as an enterprise CMS offers a single data set that everyone can refer to.

Complete and fast answers are
the key to satisfied customers


Decos Customer Service Management transforms customer-facing employees into information experts. Our CSM solution is the place where all questions come together and where you can find all the answers.

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Let's create better living
environments together

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With our Digital Report Software (Fixi) you can report issues which organizations and municipalities can easily handle. Fixi helps you to report issues - such as broken street lights, overflowing trash cans or loose pavement tiles - and assign handlers to them.


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