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Flo is an iPhone and Android app that gives you objective insight into your driving behavior. With the help of your phone’s GPS signals, Flo tracks your speed, braking behavior and how you drive around bends.  You will receive feedback based on those movements and will be graded after each trip. You will then receive an overall grade of all trips together. You can also review the details of each trip so that you can see where you could make improvements. It will provide you with very specific tips on how you can drive safer, more economically and in a more fuel-efficient manner.

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“I notice that I drive more slowly and safely if the app is on while driving.”

Douglas Borders, Flo user


Real-time feedback


Your telephone goes everywhere with you: therefore, Flo tracks your location at every moment. This means that Flo can show you how fast  you are driving, how fast you go around the bend, and how fast you accelerate and brake. You will be notified while driving whether you are driving appropriately or not. This feedback is provided in the form of sound signals: a friendly, approving tone if you do a good job driving round the bend, or a warning, disapproving tone if you really accelerate too quickly. You will know right away, while driving, what you are doing right and what you could do differently in the future. You can review it all again after finishing your trip in the trips overview.


This feedback can really help you adjust your driving style. That is not only safer for you and others on the road, it is also a lot better for the environment. You will notice that you can drive in a much more fuel-efficient manner by paying attention to your acceleration and braking behavior. With Flo, you can save money on fuel!



Flo gives you:


  • Feedback while driving
  • A grade for your driving behavior
  • Detailed insight into your trips
  • Automatic trip tracking and registration
  • Fuel savings


Would you like to know more? More information can be found on the Flo website.

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