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JOIN means: no more desks covered with paper, no more not being able to find something in your filing cabinet, and no more having to be at a single location to collaborate with your colleagues. JOIN is the perfect solution for working digitally. You can collaborate on projects remotely with your colleagues using JOIN, and you can view and edit documents from anywhere. JOIN also has modules to take your client contact management and e-service to a higher level. See below to learn about the different products that are part of JOIN.

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“JOIN makes work much easier and more efficient. You can get things done in under half the time!”

Patrick Waelpoel, Information Analysis Specialist at KPN


Case Management and Document Management systems


JOIN is a leader in the case management and document management systems market. JOIN helps more than 100 municipalities to approach their work on a case-oriented basis. Another 360 organizations also use the JOIN Document Management System to collaborate digitally in a more efficient manner.


The JOIN case management system includes:

  • Case types
  • Preparing agendas
  • Meetings
  • Decisions
  • Digital Signatures



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Client contact management


JOIN provides a comprehensive solution to manage your client contacts. Since JOIN Client Contact Management forms a shell around all sources of information within your organization, you can answer any client’s question quickly and easily. The advantage? You can respond to your customers more efficiently.


What’s more, JOIN Client Contact Management provides useful management overviews, such as the duration of calls and the percentage of direct and indirect resolutions, etc.  As an organization you can use this new insight to make adjustments to these processes.






JOIN also has an E-Service module. These products allow you to provide service to your customers 24/7 in a speedy and flexible manner. We offer the following products:


  • E-forms
  • Notifications for residents
  • Fixi


Would you like to learn more? Details can be found on the JOIN website.