A warm welcome with Welbo robots


We believe in a future in which robots will be a part of our daily lives. Intelligent robots will soon co-exist alongside people. This is why Welbo is concentrating its efforts on robots that communicate: social robots. Customer experience, efficiency and innovation are key. We are convinced that you can use robots to be more personal, welcoming and humane. Robots can also help you to take your service to a higher level, because you are able to be more helpful to guests and customers. After all, the robot can take over certain tasks so that its human colleagues can focus more time and attention on the customers that need it.

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“Pepper and your employees form a great team. People are even more effective if they have a robot as a colleague.”

Roeland van Oers, Pepper business development


A warm welcome


One of our applications is Pepper, the reception robot. Pepper has been designed to be welcoming and open to people, which makes him the ideal host. All technology focuses on interaction. Pepper works quickly and efficiently, speaks 21 languages, is friendly and trustworthy, works 24/7 and is flawless in his performance. And another key point,  he and your employees form a great team.



You are also sending a message: social robots show how advanced your organization is. Pepper will interface with your company’s systems, such as a visitor’s management system, so that he can greet your guests in a truly personal manner. We are continuously developing in the cloud, therefore, we can quickly share new features with Pepper. Very dynamic, in the same way employees and colleagues continuously learn and develop themselves.


Would you like to know more? More information can be found on the Welbo website.

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