Medical devices and solutions have aided faster and accurate diagnosis, thus enabling clinics and hospitals to be more productive and offer better quality patient care.

Decos with its experience and expertise in developing embedded software and solutions for life sciences products offers a blend of knowledge, domain experience and product engineering. We develop secure, easy to use and solution compliant with IEC62304, IEC60601, ISO13485, ISO 14971, RoHS, etc. standards that cater to hospitals and clinics for better patient care services, diagnostics, pharmaceutical industries and many more.

We offer:

  • Firmware design & development
  • Algorithm development & communication protocol design
  • Experience of end to end embedded product development
  • Conformance to standards IEC62304, IEC60601, ISO13485, ISO 14971, RoHS.
  • Healthcare Mobility Enablement
  • Intergrated Health Monitoring 
  • Diagnostic Solutions via Wearable
  • Home Care Medical Diagnostic Devices

The first step towards better and more efficient healthcare.

Devesh is happy to show how Decos' healthcare IT services can bring improved productivity to your healthcare business.

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Devesh Agarwal
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