To keep your healthcare and life science business with the current times your digital solution must be reliable, scalable, responsive, and intelligent with the latest technologies. Decos with its long experience with healthcare software development and expertise in the latest technologies can help you make your application scalable and reliable. Our expertise in integrating and providing solutions for various platforms - on-premise, cloud, mobile, and IoT, can help you make interactive and interoperable applications.

We have experience of over a decade of developing health care software solutions that are FDA, HIPAA, NOAH compliant, and hands-on experience with the latest technologies to build enterprise software, keeping your needs and wants in mind.


  • FDA, EMA, HIPAA, NOAH, FIPS-compliant healthcare application de-velopment
  • Implement FHIR and HL7 protocol in your application
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR), Personal Health Records (PHR), Laboratory
  • Information Management Systemn (LIMS) Applications
  • Intuitive customer experience solutions Healthcare application maintenance and support
  • NOAH system integration

Automation testing

Leverage 24x7 test execution, scalability, and shorter feedback loops as key benefits of automated testing by integrating it early in the development pro-cess to mitigate strict regulatory compliances and ironing out any gaps in the quality of your Healthcare system. Fast-paced software development en-vironments can create time and cost constraints that make it difficult to thor-oughly test a healthcare system prior to its release. If defects slip undetected into the production environment, the result can be customer dissatisfaction and increased maintenance costs. Test automation allows development teams to execute more tests in less time, increasing coverage, and freeing human testers to do more high-level, exploratory testing. Automation is es-pecially beneficial for test cases that are executed repeatedly, such as those for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, and those that are part of a full or partial regression suite. 


• Scheduling Test Execution 24/7
• Testing Complex & Lengthy Test Scenarios
• Ability to Perform Testing on Multiple
• Environments in Parallel
• Faster Feedback
• Easy Regression Testing
• On-Demand Smoke Testing
• Reusability
• Scalability
• Maximizing ROI

The first step towards better and more efficient healthcare.

Devesh is happy to show how Decos' healthcare IT services can bring improved productivity to your healthcare business.

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