Smart Cities

We operate in the domain of governments, because they can directly shape our living environment. We bring solutions that engage smart governments with their empowered citizens.


JOIN brings efficiency and sustainability to your processes and lifts the services that you provide to a higher level. A case-oriented information system, document management system and client contact system are fully integrated in our JOIN Suite, allowing you to deal with all of the processes in a quick, easy and digital fashion.

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Would you like to see the citizens of your municipality make a contribution to improving the neighbourhood? With the app Fixi this can be realised simply: they can easily report civic issues from anywhere, to any municipality. FIXI really connects the citizens and the neighbourhood with the municipality!

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smart cities with impact

Bert Hendriks, Chief Commercial Officer at Decos: “We digitize the workplace of governmental organisations, so they can improve their services to their clients. An optimally functioning government enables everyone – citizens and companies – to advance. So we help the government to fulfil its exemplary role, and to take the citizens along to a better future."

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