We care

We are all jointly responsible for the future of tomorrow. Which is why we develop solutions that help you to be enterprising in a more sustainable manner. Of course, we do so consciously, in a paper-free and climate-neutral office environment. Our partnerships with Singularity University and Jet-Net stimulate us to bring the future to the present and to shape the new world together.


  • We are making our fleet of vehicles greener: all new leased company cars are electric or hybrid

  • We work actively with Flo and Cartracker, so that everyone can improve his/her driving behaviour

  • All of the employees may use the electric scooter for short trips

  • We communicate a lot via Video Conference or Skype so as not to travel unnecessarily


  • We operate completely on green power, generated in a Dutch wind turbine park

  • Our paper-free main office is not connected to the gas mains

  • We work 100% digitally: we do not use paper and we produce scarcely any waste

  • We send back paper post with the request to communicate with us digitally

  • We reduce our CO2-emission every year

Singularity University

The Singularity University was established to inspire leaders to embrace change, which is why the partnership suits us so well. The Singularity is a moment in the future when technologies – particularly IT, robotics, nano-technology and the health care sector – reach a turning point, so that a completely different society comes about. Concepts such as increasing computer power are going to turn our world upside down.

The Singularity University focusses on these new possibilities and takes you by the hand – and we prefer to take the lead. Moreover, it is a fantastic club of people with whom to think about how we can shape the new world.


Jet-Net is the Youngsters and Technology Network Netherlands. Together with other companies, schools and the government, we want to interest pupils in technology. By letting them see what they can do with technology in actual practice. We work with the Northgo College in Noordwijk to that end. We asked the pupils to design a new building for us, or a new app. It is great to see how inventive they are! And it is very special to be able to support these inventors of the future in making their choices.

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