Experience agile PostModern ERP with ERP Flex

Leverage unparalleled agility and efficiency offered by the combined power of IFS ERP and Decos JOIN through ERP Flex. Bring tailored processes and non-IFS data sources to IFS ecosystem to manage workflow, search information and access processes anywhere through mobility through using ERP Flex.

ERP Flex consists of following key process bundles and modules that expand the scope and improves the usability of IFS ERP.

Why do we work with IFS?

Digitization and digital processes enable enterprises to bring in flexibility, exercise control and derive insights; and as a result, they become Agile. The successful enterprises draw their strength through the ability to make real-time strategic and operational decisions and create a great competitive opportunity for themselves and their stakeholders.

IFS software – that comprises of ERP, EAM and service management – gives the transparency, agility, and power to manage enterprise-wide operational excellence. Its flexible components and deep functionality provide time to adjust strategies, enhance planning, improve functionality, and increase performance.

IFS, who is recognized as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant, offers a productivity platform for enterprises to grow. It is further enhanced by Decos’ ERP Flex making it more versatile and more agile.

Decos at the IFS World Conference 2019

What we deliver on the IFS platform

Last mile processes bundle

ERP Flex ensures that every standard process which is not available by default in IFS ERP finds its place in the ERP implementation. It includes processes such as bid log management, eTendering or eRFP, MTO, workflow management, level of authorization, work accomplishment report, post PO lifecycle, eRecruitment, eOffice, legal and case management etc.

Employee self-service bundle

ERP Flex improves the productivity of employees using employee self-service bundle as they can get the things done on their own. It consist of the processes such as leave and attendance, reimbursement, loan request, travel request etc.

Agile BPMS

It’s one of the very important module of ERP Flex. This business process module enables the enterprises to configure any process on IFS ERP without any additional overheads that works just as any other native process on IFS ERP.

mJOIN mobility

ERP Flex’s flexible mobility solution exposes all IFS and non-IFS business processes on the mobile devices which makes them accessible anywhere and anytime with very minimal development efforts.

Email classifier module

This is ERP Flex’s AI-powered solution to link email communications with the business processes which forms the basis of contextual information gathering. The working professionals don’t have to spend a lot of time in looking for relevant email communication.

Enterprise search module

A solution to search for IFS and non-IFS information through IFS platform which forms the basis of contextual information extraction. It saves a lot of time and energy by offering very efficient search functionality to you enterprise data.

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