Smarter meetings with Minute

The Minute meeting app lets you organize efficient and pleasant meetings. There is no fixed designation of tasks. There is no scribe, secretary or chairman: everyone has an equal role in the meeting.

You collaborate with one another in the online tool, which is also available as an app. It starts with preparation, whereby all participants prepare the agenda together. Each participant can add items to the agenda, adjust the order or alter the time management. You add the necessary documents and invite the required attendees. Even during the meeting, you do everything together: everyone can take notes, record decisions or assign tasks at the same time. This leads to more pleasant and efficient meetings without any hierarchy, and everyone has a shared responsibility.


Efficient meetings

Traditional meetings are mostly unproductive, usually don’t have an agenda and often go on too long – different studies confirm this time and again. Minute resolves all those unnecessary aggravations. Since you prepare the agenda together beforehand, the purpose of the meeting is clear for all participants at all times. By adding times for each agenda item, you ensure that discussions do not take too long and that there is enough time to cover all topics during the meeting. Minute is also handy for recording agreements and decisions. Thus, the desired outcome of a meeting is clear and everyone knows what is expected of him or her.


Minute provides efficiency…


Before the meeting:

  • Synchronizes meetings in your agenda, including attendees, time and location
  • Lets attendees establish the agenda together
  • Imports documents quick and easy


During the meeting:

  • Gives insight to all attendees in agenda items and documents
  • Records notes, decisions and agreements


After the meeting:

  • Shares notes, decisions and agreements with all attendees
  • Imports tasks into other applications

Need help?

We know how difficult it can be to throw all those traditional meeting customs overboard. We’ve been there. Arjan and Martijn are here to guide you through the transition.

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