23 November 2023

Protecting Privacy Using Deep Learning

A government customer required grievances/incidents redressal management system. To maintain the transparency the customer was required to keep this data accessible to their citizens. Citizens can see the details of the incident along with the linked images (photos taken in the public domain).

Sometime these images contain information of private nature which can be misused by miscreants. To prevent any malpractice, the customer required masking of biometric and licensing information.

Deep learning

As part of this case study let us look at how automated testing helped one of our clients, who have built a smart solution to manage their business and brand related assets & templates across their organization.

It is a solution that supports employees during every step of document creation with content from different kind of information sources like various Databases, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, various Document Management Systems etc. and can be easily controlled by the communications and compliance teams.

The top five challenges we identified
  1. The Product needs to work with different versions of Microsoft Office Suite on different versions of Windows Operating System and MacOS.
  2. Reducing the end-to-end product test cycle. With every new feature or bug fix, completing quality assurance for that release took 3 to 5 days.
  3. Achieving CI/CD was the biggest challenge with manual quality assurance.
  4. Quality assurance was required for both desktop and web versions of the product.
  5. Quality assurance of integrations with various databases, information sources and document management systems were also very tedious and time-consuming tasks.
The solution we implemented

Working on the above, key challenges we proposed to our clients that Ranorex® be used for automation of the quality assurance process. Ranorex was chosen after evaluating multiple automation testing tools as it best suited our needs and offered its robustness, flexibility and its ability to support both web and desktop applications.

As part of the solution, our test automation engineers created automation test suites for both functional and regression testing which would be automatically executed daily to run on all supported Microsoft Office® releases on all supported Windows Operating System® versions and MacOS® using cloud based virtual machines parallelly.

Test execution reports were generated automatically and were sent to development team and product owner to have clear picture on current stability of the Product.

Benefits Derived
  1. Some of the key benefits of automation testing are as follows
  2. Reduced regression test cycle enabling faster time to market leading to maximizing ROI
  3. Testing could be scheduled, and tests could be executed 24x7
  4. Faster feedback cycle
  5. Tests could now be executed in multiple environments at the same time
  6. Faster development of new test cases using reusable components
  7. Scalability enabling simulation of real-life scenario.

All of us already know the value of software testing. But fast-paced software development environments can create time and cost constraints that make it difficult to thoroughly test an application prior to a release. If defects slip undetected into the production environment, the result can be customer dissatisfaction and increased maintenance costs.

Test automation allows development teams to execute more tests in less time, increasing coverage and freeing human testers to do more high-level, exploratory testing. Automation is especially beneficial for test cases that are executed repeatedly, such as those for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility, and those that are part of a full or partial regression suite.

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