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Healthcare and Life Science businesses are undergoing rapid transformation due to technological advancements. Increasing consumer expectations, the demand for high-quality yet affordable patient care, patient safety, and overall experience are driving digital disruptions.

We assist our clients in developing innovative digital products and modernizing legacy solutions to enhance the efficiency and quality of patient care. We offer a comprehensive range of IT services and engineering to deliver more personalized healthcare and improve patient outcomes.


Shaping the future of life science and healthcare through digital innovation

Healthcare should be of high quality, cost-effective, and accessible to all. To meet the rapidly changing needs in the healthcare sector, staying updated with the latest technology trends is imperative. Now is the time to leverage technologies such as cloud, AI, and IoT to address the growing healthcare demands!

Decos' services assist companies in the global healthcare, biotechnology, life sciences, and medical devices sectors in delivering best-in-class patient care. We achieve this through both our standard solutions and customized services.

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We help our customers in developing innovative new digital products and services, as well as modernizing legacy solutions. These efforts aim to enhance the efficiency and quality of patient care, payer-provider collaboration, and the overall experience within the healthcare and life science industry.

Service enterprise applications

Enterprise Applications

We develop enterprise-level digital solutions that are tailored to your business needs: reliable, scalable, intelligent, responsive, and focus on addressing numerous challenges faced by you.

Service cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions

Decos develops healthcare solutions on your preferred cloud platform. Our professionals have the technical expertise that enables you to cut costs, while delivering high quality healthcare.

Service automation testing

Automation Testing

Application testing is vital for improving patient safety and quality of care. We offer expertise in software testing in the healthcare domain and can guide your team to adopt the best test automation practices.

Service interoperability


Improve healthcare outcomes and deliver better care by bringing crucial health data together. We will work with your organization to implement interoperability solutions efficiently.

Service embedded IoMT

Embedded & IoMT solutions

Connected medical devices and systems have aided faster and more accurate diagnoses, thus enabling clinics and hospitals to improve efficiencies and offer better quality patient engagement.

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With stringent regulatory compliance for medical devices and software, the role of remediation is increasingly being observed as a key strategy towards product success.

"Decos doesn’t just supply quality talent, their people take the time to understand our business and our customers. They use that understanding to help us improve our products and provide innovative ideas for our products and processes."

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Work efficiently, location-independent, and thereby more cost-effective.

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Process Management

With JOIN, you maintain control over internal processes. Insurance claims are securely documented, important documents such as work instructions are available to everyone, and the decision-making process is fully transparent. 

Product RMA Archivering

Document & Record Management

By managing file creation entirely in a digital format, transparency is achieved in the workflow. Every stakeholder can always access the correct information, and the progress of processes are always clear. This ensures compliance with all legal requirements. 

Product Klantcontact

Customer Contact Software

For the healthcare industry, we now offer JOIN Customer Contact. This intelligent customer contact system consolidates all incoming inquiries and the necessary information to provide prompt and accurate service.