Medical Device Regulatory Remediation and Compliance

Developing medical devices is a complex task that requires strict monitoring and documentation, particularly due to the sensitivity and safety of end-users. Regulations for medical devices, such as those from the FDA and EU MDR, are constantly evolving and becoming more stringent. It is crucial for medical device companies to prepare for these changes to avoid last-minute issues.

How we help the innovators in healthcare and life sciences

At Decos, we offer Regulatory Remediation services for medical device companies to ensure that your products comply with the latest standards and regulations. Our expert teams meticulously examine your software development process and identify any compliance issues. We work closely with your teams to address these issues, both in terms of safety and performance. Our services include:

  • Product Design Assessment: We review whether your product design meets current regulatory standards and future requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We verify whether your products adhere to explicit requirements in U.S. regulations, ISO standards, EU MDR, and CFDA.
  • Identification of Documentation Differences: We analyze your technical documentation to identify differences and gaps in the design and development process.
  • Document Updates: We bring your documentation up to date to comply with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Closing Gaps: We apply standards and regulations to close any gaps

You can rely on the Decos experts

Regulatory Remediation requires time, resources, and effort from teams to make corrections. Decos has a team of experienced professionals to ensure that your products meet standards and are safe for use with real patients. We ensure that all your design and verification files are accurate, comply with the standard, and are ready for future audits. You can rely on Decos to facilitate the sale of your products thanks to our expertise in medical devices and in-depth knowledge of associated software.

Why Decos for Your Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions


  • Experience and Expertise: With over 35 years of experience, Decos excels in enhancing business processes for healthcare and life sciences enterprises worldwide. Our team of technology and subject matter experts helps you achieve your business goals.
  • References and Portfolio: Chances are, we've successfully delivered similar solutions to what you're looking for. Let's discuss your needs, and we'll showcase our portfolio and completed projects.
  • Certifications and Compliance: Decos adheres to relevant standards and certifications in security, operations, and medical software development, including HIPAA for data privacy and FDA for medical devices.
  • Flexibility: We tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, recognizing the diverse requirements within the medical sector.
  • Cost-Effective: Decos provides excellent value for your investment.
  • Effective Communication: We maintain close oversight and ensure quality through open and efficient communication. Effective collaboration is key to succes!

Together we transform healthcare and life sciences

We will assist you with all your healthcare remediation needs. To learn more about Decos' healthcare remediation services, get in touch with Devesh. 

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Devesh Agarwal
Devesh Agarwal
General Manager Decos IT Services