Service enterprise applications

Enterprise Applications

We develop enterprise-level digital solutions that are tailored to your business needs: reliable, scalable, intelligent, responsive, and focus on addressing numerous challenges faced by you.

Service cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions

Decos develops healthcare solutions on your preferred cloud platform. Our professionals have the technical expertise that enables you to cut costs, while delivering high quality healthcare.

Service automation testing

Automation Testing

Application testing is vital for improving patient safety and quality of care. We offer expertise in software testing in the healthcare domain and can guide your team to adopt the best test automation practices.

Service interoperability


Improve healthcare outcomes and deliver better care by bringing crucial health data together. We will work with your organization to implement interoperability solutions efficiently.

Service embedded IoMT

Embedded & IoMT solutions

Connected medical devices and systems have aided faster and more accurate diagnoses, thus enabling clinics and hospitals to improve efficiencies and offer better quality patient engagement.

Service remediation


With stringent regulatory compliance for medical devices and software, the role of remediation is increasingly being observed as a key strategy towards product success.