Healthcare & Life Science businesses are transforming at a rapid pace with the revolution in technology. Ever-increasing consumer demands and growing needs for high-quality yet affordable patient care, patient safety, and total experience are some of the causes of digital disruptions. In addition, healthcare and life science organizations must follow stringent regulations and compliances which are often updated. To address these demands and to be the leader in their business segment, CIOs of healthcare and life science organizations need to continue their focus on digital transformation and investment in software and IT services while keeping patient safety at the core.

We at Decos help our customers develop new innovative digital products, services, and modernize legacy solutions that serve to increase the efficiency and quality of patient care, payer-provider collaboration, and total experience within the healthcare and life science community.


Years of experience in digitalisation
Enthusiastic professionals
Daily users of our solutions



Optimize Business Processes

Redesign core functions of your business to increase efficiency. Teams at Decos bring innovations aligning with your business needs.


Increase Operational Output

Speed up your digitization with Decos. Rapid and cost-effective software development for Healthcare ISVs. Ensure faster ROI.


Enhance Collaboration

Our experienced professionals align the tasks, brainstorm new ideas, and address the challenges creating synergy within teams for successful project completion.


Simplify Your Life

Providing end-to-end technology solutions to medical devices and healthcare companies with managing compliance.


We work with

    Novadic kentron
    Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep



Technical Experts


Healthcare & Life Sciences    SMEs


Transparent & Agile Collaborators


Extension of Your Team




Dan St.John"In order to realize our vision, Natus focuses on innovation and Decos has been a software staffing partner for almost a decade. Decos doesn’t just supply quality talent, their people take the time to understand our business and our customers. They use that understanding to help us improve our products and provide innovative ideas for our products and processes."

- Daniel St. John, Sr Director Global Software Engineering, Natus Medical Inc.


  • "Decos has good team players that help each other technically and achieve results on time."
    Arjen Hartog
    CEO Master-It Solutions
  • "In case of specific needs Decos thinks with us, consults and offers a practical solution."
    Arkie Martherus
    IT department, LUMC
  • "Decos is not only development expert but they have also understood our business nuances."
    Jochen Schütte
    Managing Director F24 IT-Services
  • "A great thanks to the entire team for their extraordinary and profound efforts."
    Martin Mikkelsen
    Group Leader, Bioinformatics
  • "Decos is delivering high quality. I like that they listen to the feedback and takes it seriously."
    Morten Skaarup
    Software Manager R&D





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