Since the early days of computing and digital technology, Decos has evolved into an international company that develops software and digital solutions to address challenges for a wide range of clients.


It all began with Paul's passion for technology and entrepreneurial spirit.


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away... The Space Opera left an indelible impression on the 13-year-old high school student Paul Veger in 1977. The optimistic vision that director George Lucas holds for the future of humanity inspires him. This science fiction classic will become a recurring theme throughout the remainder of Paul's life.


1978 - 1983

For years, Paul has found joy in tinkering with computers. He becomes the first Dutch owner of an Atari 800 and, along with friends, establishes a computer science study group at school. They gather weekly in the school basement to write programs and exchange experiences, which leads to the creation of the first Dutch Atari user group.

Atari Netherlands recognizes Paul's expertise and invites him to work as a freelance programmer, providing him with valuable learning experiences. However, he soon realizes his preference for being his own boss.

In 1983, Paul embarks on a Computer Science degree in Leiden and founds Decos Computer Extensions, a company specialized in developing and producing Atari hardware and software. He later refers to it as a "hobby business". He creates an Atari telephone modem that can be connected to existing Atari computer models.



Paul continues his studies, but he senses that it's time to adopt a more comprehensive approach in his business. He shifts his focus from gaming consoles to enterprise software. Solutions in the realm of document and information management are just beginning to emerge, and Paul sees an opportunity. This marks the birth of Decos Information Solutions. It will be seen as the true starting point of the company's history for the decades to come.

He leases an office building in Katwijk and begins hiring personnel. Each of them possesses a unique character, much like Paul. It's an exciting adventure for him, and he learns something new nearly every day. The mission of this early-stage startup: making the future more beautiful.




Decos has now grown into a well-known player in the Netherlands and continues to expand. Due to Paul's strong affinity for Indian culture, he becomes motivated to work with individuals in India and establish a presence there. This decision goes beyond mere business; it's about connecting with people, embracing a different culture, and broadening horizons. It proves to be an enrichment for Decos in multiple ways.

Decos in India succeeds in attracting skilled specialists who are empowered to work on diverse projects. Even back then, remote work posed no issue for Decos. As a result, its portfolio has expanded over the years to include innovative hardware and software solutions for the healthcare and life sciences sectors.



A milestone is the completion of the new office building in Noordwijk. On the premises of the European Space Agency in Noordwijk, Paul is having a building designed that looks futuristic, resembling a meteorite. It also resembles a spaceship that has landed on a lunar landscape.

The fascination for space, technology, thinking in possibilities with an eye on the future converge here. Paul's passion for Star Wars, the film depicting a future where space travel is normal, with the message that everything is interconnected in this universe, is thus reflected. Slanted walls, because in a paperless office, you don't need cabinets. With this 100% paperless working policy, in a sustainable building, and a 100% electric fleet, Decos sets the tone.



In 2021, Paul makes the decision to pass the baton to Daniel de Klerk. He will now focus on his other two passions: his role as an angel investor, guiding several innovative start-ups, and on the other hand, he aims to allocate more time for personal development, reflection, and technical research. Despite the transfer of day-to-day leadership, Paul remains a part of Decos as the founder, major shareholder, and executive chairman.


The story continues

Decos is focused on pursuing growth to enhance its capabilities and drive further innovation. In 2021, the acquisition of Doclogic, a former partner and reseller of JOIN, took place. In 2022, Decos Software Development Inc. initiated its first employees in Canada. This way, we continue harnessing the power of innovation for positive global impact.

Global Impact