The volume of digital information within educational institutions has surged in recent years, posing the risks of data fragmentation and a lack of transparency. Simultaneously, the demands for archiving and privacy compliance are on the rise.

Optimizing processes and implementing structured practices for information management are essential to successfully address these challenges.




Every knowledge-intensive organization needs a streamlined workflow in which digital record-keeping is organization-wide. Decos is your experienced partner for digitalization challenges within education. Our people and technologies enhance internal business operations to drive your organization forward.

Together with our sister organization, Doclogic, we've assisted dozens of educational institutions in simplifying and making internal processes more transparent and compliant with all legal requirements regarding digital archiving.

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Our solutions for process-oriented digital collaboration streamline internal business operations, allowing your organization to focus entirely on delivering the best education.

Product Zaakgericht Werken

Process management

Shift your focus from documents to processes, and achieve higher productivity and better collaboration.

Product RMA Archivering

Document & Record management

Optimize business operations with a central management system in which records and documents – from creation to archiving – are stored.

Product Klantcontact

Customer contact

Provide students and partners with optimal service by consolidating all their inquiries and relevant information in one system.

Product Digitaal Loket


Enable students and partners to easily submit requests and provide an online platform for information exchange.

Product BBV


Navigate the entire process, from proposal, advice, agenda to decision, transparently and securely in one system.

Product facilitair onderwijs

Facility reporting

A dirty classroom or a broken projector? Let students and staff report it immediately and efficiently resolve it.

ISO 27001
ISO 9001
ISO 20000-1
NEN-ISO 16175

Educational institutions are complex, knowledge-intensive organizations. Standard solutions may not always suffice.


Many educational institutions run dozens of software packages for daily business operations, often resulting in a complex and challenging application landscape. To avoid hindering organizational growth, customized software is invaluable.

Our experienced development team can revamp outdated applications or create entirely new ones to streamline processes, contributing to a modern application landscape and a stable organization.

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Quote Windesheim

JOIN, serving as a central archival system, plays a crucial role in achieving a portion of our ambitions as a university.

Cynthia Roos, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences