New regulations, such as the Public Records Act, dictate that decision-making within the government must always be transparent. Simultaneously, documents must be disposed of in a timely manner and privacy must be handled confidentially. These conflicting interests call for proper archive management and the right software.


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JOIN provides you with the necessary tools to meet all the various responsibilities outlined in the Archive Act and other regulations, thanks to the intelligent combination of record management, metadata management, and workflows. This way, you integrate archive management into your daily work processes, and how tasks were performed is archived directly.

Identify, classify, and archive important information objects in a structured manner for optimal compliance. All archived documents and files remain easily accessible throughout the entire retention period.

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Now that digital work has become commonplace for years, we've reached the point where electronic documents need to be transferred to (regional) archives.

JOIN offers the ability to compile transfer lists and export them in the format used by the archive to which your organization is connected. The transferred data is then destroyed in JOIN.

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“All our registrations and documents are now stored in one system, so nothing ever gets lost.”

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Curious about the possibilities of record management in JOIN?

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