The Digital Professionals are our young consultants who bring a fresh perspective to your organizational processes. They provide the necessary support to elevate the digitalization of your organization to a higher level.

Flexible Deployment Where It's Needed

Digital Professionals can be deployed with complete flexibility, ensuring you receive precisely the desired support. This can be on a project basis as well as for a fixed number of days per week.


Backed by Senior Consultants

The team is energetic, enthusiastic, and highly educated. They receive active guidance from our senior consultants, benefiting from their years of experience in complex digitalization challenges.


Our Digital Professionals Support in Various Areas:



Need assistance with JOIN application management? Our Digital Professionals are well-versed in all the ins and outs!



Setting up new processes using JOIN? The Digital Professional analyzes your organization, devises plans, and handles the setup.



Want your colleagues to make the most of JOIN? Our Digital Professionals provide training and create user manuals.


Digital Professionals

Could your organization benefit from the services of a Digital Professional?

Our account managers are more than happy to provide you with all the details about the available options.

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