Data nowadays must be accessible at all times and everywhere, easily exchangeable, and securely stored. Additionally, there's an increasing reliance on task-specific applications, causing information to be scattered across different systems.

Hence, integrating data sources intelligently is more critical than ever. JOIN provides several options for this purpose.

Standard Exchange Format (StUF)

StUF is the standard for exchanging basic data between government systems. Standardized work comes with numerous benefits, so we aim to establish connections via StUF wherever possible.


Common Ground

With the rapidly growing flow of data within governments, the current architecture is approaching its limits. Therefore, governments and suppliers are collaborating on a new standard for information exchange: ZGW APIs. We support this initiative and are engaged in the first concrete projects.

Rest API

The JOIN REST API offers external systems an authorized entry point to retrieve information from JOIN, add new items, and edit or delete information. This enables external applications to display information from JOIN and create cases, for example.


JOIN Connect

For connections that can't be realized through a standard, we offer JOIN Connect, an integration platform specifically designed to exchange messages between JOIN and third-party applications. For more complex connections, we provide the data integrator on top of JOIN Connect.


Our new data integration platform serves as a handy tool to establish integrations based on JOIN Connect.

The data integrator is composed of various 'building blocks' that can retrieve, transform, export, or share information. This can be triggered or scheduled. Additionally, there are blocks capable of actions like generating a PDF or sending an email.

This approach simplifies and accelerates the realization of connections, allowing you to make the most of the available information within your organization without unnecessary manual actions.



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