The Decos Technology Group encompasses various labels, each with its own specialization and market focus.


  • Decos Government is known for the JOIN suite process and document management, customer interaction solutions, an integration platform, and Fixi, with a focus on the government sector.
  • For years, Doclogic has been a trusted presence in the Netherlands, serving knowledge-intensive organizations within sectors such as education, healthcare, and business services, as they ambitiously shape their process-oriented workflows.
  • Decos Healthcare pioneers innovative hardware and software solutions, including advanced medical devices and tools for process optimization, catering to organizations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domains.
  • Through Decos IT Services, we offer global IT services to assist organizations in innovating with IT solutions: modernizing outdated systems, contributing to the development of tailored solutions, and deploying various types of IT specialists and engineers.
  • CenterOne is the software specialist in the field of Permits, Supervision, and Enforcement (PSE) for government and semi-governmental organizations in The Netherlands.

The Decos Technology Group is active on three continents. The back-office tasks of all labels, such as HR and Finance, are centrally managed.

Kantoor Decos Noordwijk

Our objective is to achieve annual expansion. We are actively seeking companies that align with our strategic objectives and share our vision. Our focus is on identifying acquisition candidates that meet specific criteria, including market position, synergy potential, and cultural compatibility.

We prioritize companies within specific software niches with their own market and domain knowledge. Suppliers of software solutions that complement or extend the Decos portfolio (process and/or document management, and integration software) are particularly appealing. Suppliers of other software solutions can also be of interest to Decos, especially if they operate within the customer domains where Decos holds expertise: government, education, and healthcare & life sciences.

Exterieur Decos


At Decos, our aim is to create value for both our company and the entities we acquire. Acquisitions provide opportunities for operational efficiency, shared expertise, and growth. Additionally, Decos' unique attributes offer other advantages:

  1. Decos immediately offers a solution to potential challenges in sourcing suitable personnel by providing the opportunity to insource qualified developers from India. Furthermore, we have a talent program that also allows roles such as consultants to be filled.

  2. Decos cultivates a culture of Power to WOW! This means investing in a pleasant, family-like atmosphere where work is combined with time for each other. Celebrations abound at Decos, with numerous events, and intentionally small teams ensure that everyone is seen and heard. This translates to low turnover and absenteeism rates.

  3. Employees can participate in the Decos Technology Group. This approach turns everyone into a bit of an entrepreneur, enabling them to enjoy the fruits of success, fostering deep engagement, and providing perspective. The motivation for successful operations is substantial, partially due to full transparency regarding both content and financial outcomes.

  4. Owners are given the option to conclude their responsibilities as of the transaction date after a brief transition period, or to remain involved for a market-competitive management fee.

  5. Decos respects the heritage and values cultivated within a company, which have contributed to achievements, traditions, and relationships. This is handled with care.

We seek strategic partnerships that add value to both our company and those of our partners.

If your company is interested in potential acquisitions or if you would like to learn more about our acquisition policy, please reach out to Suzanne van Tuijl, Product Owner Sales & Marketing. We handle all communication with the utmost confidentiality and respect for the interests of all involved parties.

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Suzanne van Tuijl
Suzanne van Tuijl
Productowner Sales & Marketing