Product procesmanagement

Process Management

With JOIN, you maintain control over internal processes. Insurance claims are securely documented, important documents such as work instructions are available to everyone, and the decision-making process is fully transparent.

Product DMS

Document & Record Management

By managing file creation entirely in a digital format, transparency is achieved in the workflow. Every stakeholder can always access the correct information, and the progress of processes are always clear. This ensures compliance with all legal requirements.

Product Klantcontact

Customer Contact Software

For the healthcare industry, we now offer JOIN Customer Contact. This intelligent customer contact system consolidates all incoming inquiries and the necessary information to provide prompt and accurate service.

Product Portaal zorg

Online portal

Providing a well-organized selection of information to a specific (authorized) internal or external audience is made possible with the customizable portal module, tailored for each organization or context.

Product BBV


Digitizing the complete decision-making process, securely, intelligently, and at times, as required. All documents, process steps, and actions are recorded within a unified system.

Product facility zorg

Facility reporting

Maintaining a clean and secure environment, where all utilized materials and equipment are in optimal condition, is fundamental to delivering quality care. Our notifications platform simplifies the creation and management of facility-related reports.