24 October 2023

The story behind our Medical and Healthcare Expertise

Today Decos is a trusted partner for software engineering in the medical and healthcare domain. We offer a broad spectrum of services from our innovative offices around the globe. Five fun facts how we got where we are today.

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#1. Innovation is in our DNA

Decos is home to talented group of professionals who have innovation stamped in our DNA. Early 2000s we developed a technological breakthrough in the Audio domain: we developed a software based medical audiometer. At a time every other vendors audiometers where hardware based we were so much ahead of our competition we quickly attained market leadership. 

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#2. Decos develops technology for people

Our competitors and partners soon realized that the best way forward is to use the power of software in medical and healthcare testing. We are a people centred company and we shared our knowledge of software based medical testing and as such we not only supplied our own customer directly but indirectly became a very important partner for companies like Gubra and Natus.

#3. We love medical technology

The medical domain is different from any other software domain. One of the major reasons we can speed up time to market for our customers is that we are able to source and groom the right talent when and where our customers need it. When working with Decos our customers have access to both developers and medical specialist that know what they are talking about.

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#4. Our culture

At Decos we empower our employees. Our specialist have the freedom to create and plan their own work. As we work agile we have no managers, but self-steering teams. This gives an entrepreneurial mindset to us which also benefits our customers. On our own initiative we perform dozens of proof of concepts a year for customers to show how they can benefit of new technologies. Many of our customers have adopted these insights to gain an competitive advantage.

#5. We know the medical domain

We have offices in India, The Netherlands and are setting up an office in Canada. Our offices are also equipped with the right spaces for testing the latest software that our teams have developed for medical devices of our partners. We know the weight of remediation standards and compliances such as FDA and EMA. As such we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

These were just some fun facts on our business, we love to get in touch with you! A question on one of our projects, and advice on your project or a POC, just contact me and let’s connect.

This blog is written by Devesh Agarwal, General Manager Services at Decos. With a remarkable 23 years of experience in delivering digital solutions, he's a seasoned leader in business transformation across diverse domains, including Healthcare, Financial Services, Securities, and Insurance.

Decos is a cutting-edge technology services partner ready to meet your software needs in the medical domain. If you have a question on one of our projects or would like advice on your project or a POC, just contact Devesh Agarwal. We’d love to get in touch with you!

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