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At Decos we create tomorrow’s world. This great privilege comes with responsibilities. That’s why our solutions not only contribute to more efficiency on the work floor, but also to sustainability. We enable you to work 100 percent paperless, just like we’ve been doing for almost ten years.

For more than 30 years, digitalization has been our expertise. Now we are a leading provider of sustainable digitization solutions. We have vast expertise in the development and maintenance of robust and scalable enterprise business-critical systems. We have delivered end-to-end software solutions for our customers across IT and non-IT sectors such as healthcare, retail, finance, insurance, and ISVs.

Our drive is empowering people

People working at Decos have the freedom to create and plan their own work. We work agile, which means we have no managers, but self-steering teams. Together we decide on company goals and how we’re going to achieve them. That responsibility comes natural to everyone at Decos. We work hard to get better, create solutions for our customers, and empowering people while we’re at it.

Develop in close collaboration with clients Develop in close collaboration with clients
No managers, everybody is responsible No managers, everybody is responsible
Work where and whenever you want You decide when you take your vacation

A better future starts today

‘A better world starts with you’ is a cliché for a reason. Because it’s true. That’s why we actively work for a better environment. We work completely paperless! This reduces our impact on the environment while improving internal operations as well. 

Climate-neutral HQ office Climate-neutral HQ
Fully-electric vehicle fleet Fully-electric vehicle fleet
100% paperless HQ 100% paperless HQ

The Decos Team

We work with 165 people, divided over the Netherlands and India. Our team has lots of expertise and experience. But to us, that’s not what’s most important. Whether they listen to the name Reetesh, Nico, Devesh or Dharmesh, people at Decos are warm and welcoming folks with a drive for people and technology – in that order. We give them the space to come up with the best solutions.

Paul Veger
Ajinkya Godbole
Software Engineer
Bas Taalman
Director Sales and Marketing, Europe
Fleur de Groot
Business Development
Nico de Mooij
Global Manager Finance
Dharmesh Makwana
Software Engineer
David Bronsveld
Product Owner
Devesh Agarwal
General Manager Services


We are always looking for people who want to change tomorrow’s world today. People with a vision who are continuously looking to improve and renew themselves. They are good at their jobs and love working with both colleagues and customers. Are you that new colleague? Check our job openings and apply today! 


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