11 October 2022

Digitalized In-Vivo Examinations

These days customers seek regular updates with constant improvements in functionality. It becomes imperative that the software development team iterates faster and deliver new features and improvements that are of high business value to the customers. This fast pace of development and release of code with each iteration calls for continuous integration and continuous delivery. This also requires high amount of collaboration between software development team and the IT infrastructure team.


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Success story - cloud
Cloud <-> Intranet Gateway Design
As business priorities shift, modern cloud-enabled technologies are more critical than ever in healthcare. However, scaling cloud can be complicated. Healthcare is at a tipping...
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Perforce to Git migration
Perforce and Git are two different types of source control systems that help developers track and manage changes to software code. Perforce is a centralized...
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Deep learning
Protecting Privacy Using Deep Learning
A government customer required grievances/incidents redressal management system. To maintain the transparency the customer was required to keep this data accessible to their citizens. Citizens...
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