More trees, clean air, less clutter, easier collaboration

Going paperless for sustainability and efficiency

We encourage organizations to embrace a more sustainable and efficient approach. With our document management, case, and process-oriented software, paper becomes obsolete; everything can be handled digitally.

We're paperless ourselves, and in fact, all incoming mail is returned unopened. No cluttered desks, and it reduces our ecological footprint. Just think about how many trees have been spared thanks to this transition. That makes a significant impact!

But sustainability also means that information lasts longer; data is stored properly, easily retrievable, and collaboration runs more smoothly and securely."

Paperless working
Advancing better care,
empowering specialists

We empower innovators in Healthcare & Life Sciences


We contribute globally to the development of new innovative applications and the modernization of existing solutions for medical professionals in university medical centers, hospitals, private practices, clinics, and research laboratories.

We do this in collaboration with innovative medical technology developers. We bring our expertise in the latest technologies to the table and work as partners to achieve results. We ensure that the visions of medical specialists are realized.

Our experts design, build, code, implement, and organize. And in doing so, we create impact: faster innovation in healthcare, specialists who can perform their work even better, and ultimately, patients who receive better care.

Software engineering for healthcare & life sciences

Health Care Innovators


We bring focus, worldwide.
With smart process software

We help global organizations get their work in order with adaptive process software. This enables governments, business service providers, educators, and healthcare providers to optimize their work processes, improve productivity, increase efficiency, and streamline operations. This has impact: it creates overview and leads to better use of resources, cost savings, faster turnaround times and better collaboration. It ensures that operations run as smoothly as possible and that citizens, customers, patients, or other target groups are well served, and results are achieved.

We understand that organizations want to focus on their goals. It is important that the solutions, the technology, serves the organization's goals. That is why we believe in modular solutions, which are easily adaptable to fit the specific context of organizations, such as work practices, laws and regulations, and safety requirements. And because we like working for innovators, for ambitious parties who are always on the move, we make sure that the technology and systems move with them. Leave that to us.

Case-oriented working for goverments    Process management for healthcare

Better analysis, faster systems, more effective equipment

We develop advanced medical tooling for tomorrow's health care

We use technology to innovate healthcare. Our experts work on a variety of innovative solutions that help people around the world. We are proud that our efforts ultimately have a real impact on people's lives. Examples of solutions our experts, together with their clients and partners, are working on:

  • Solutions for monitoring and measuring brain activity and abnormalities (such as strokes, sleep disorders, epilepsy, dementia and internal injuries).
  • Hardware and software for measuring nerve and muscle function in the treatment of muscular diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), myasthenia gravis and ALS.
  • Hearing research and analysis solutions, including automated auditory brainstem response screening in newborns for hearing screening and 3D digital ear scanning for accurate fitting.
  • Medical instruments for testing premature babies for eye conditions.
  • Implantable medical systems for neuromodulation, deep brain stimulation, neurostimulation and sensors.
Medical tooling

We empower municipalities, residents and businesses to make the world a cleaner place

Many Dutch municipalities have now discovered that they can make an impact with Fixi. With the user-friendly app, people can easily report problems in public spaces, such as broken streetlights, litter, and traffic problems.

This makes it very easy for people to take responsibility and report defects to the right authorities. Problems are noticed and solved faster, resulting in a more livable, cleaner, and safer world.

The beauty of the Fixi app is that reports can be tracked and citizens can closely follow the efforts of the local government. Transparent and service-oriented government at its best.

Fixi for goverments   Fixi for healthcare

Impact Fixi
More efficient work, friendlier contact, better service

We help organizations upgrade customer friendliness and service

Good contact, good communication is crucial in relationships. We make sure that residents, students, patients or customer relations are in pleasant contact with municipalities, health care providers, educators and companies. We do this by using technology to increase service. Solutions such as a customer contact system, an integrated information landscape, streamlined service processes, online customer portals, performance dashboards, make this possible.

We use technology to make contact more efficient, more personal, and more human. In this way we ensure that contact with your municipality becomes accessible, that a patient does not have to re-enter his data with a healthcare provider, that a student feels personally assisted. And that has impact.

Customer contact for governments    Customer contact for healthcare

SAFER AND easier COOPERATION, QUALITATIVE data, grip on information


Connecting people, systems and processes through smart integrations

For years, we have been helping government organizations, business services, education, and healthcare to make secure and smart connections between their systems, applications, and processes. We ensure that data can be exchanged from different sources, both internally and with chain partners and governments. This has an impact: cooperation can be faster, safer, and more efficient and it provides more insight.

For a knowledge-intensive organization, it is also crucial to be able to rely on good maintenance, continued compliance with laws and regulations, renewed security and quality requirements, and manageability and overview. This requires a combination of technical expertise, domain knowledge and flexible solutions. With our modular integration suite, we have already realized many connections that have made organizations fly.


Daniel de Klerk

"It is important to us that our solutions have the capability to create a positive, global impact".

Daniel de Klerk, CEO Decos Technology Group