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We believe mankind is able to create a better world. With the power of our imagination and with use of the expanding possibilities that technology gives us, we can completely reshape the world we live in.

We want to contribute our share to better this world. That is why we apply our knowledge and skills to turn technology into smart solutions.

When we develop our technology, we create it to the best it can be, so we enable humans to be the best that they can be. That is how we can build a better and brighter tomorrow, together. Starting today.

Smart Cities

We operate in the domain of governments, because they can directly shape our living environment. We bring solutions that engage smart governments with their empowered citizens. 

Our solutions in the field of Smart Cities are: 


Smart Work

We operate in the domain of work, because here people are encouraged to grow – both professionally as personally. By helping companies work digitally, we improve the way people work in connected organizations.

Our solutions in the field of Smart Work are: 

JOIN Minute Robotics

Smart Mobility

We operate in the domain of mobility, because this field has an enormous impact on our society and planet. By helping improve driving behaviour and fleet performance, our solutions contribute to a sustainable mobile society.

Our solutions in the field of Smart Mobility are: 

Cartracker Flo


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  • 25th anniversary of Decos closes with record profit

    The 2012 annual accounts for Decos Beheer BV show that the Dutch Decos Technology Group posted a record net profit of 1.2 million euros, with Ernst & Young Accountants LLP providing an unqualified audit report. Last year, this IT company celebrated its 25th anniversary and, in spite of the economic recession, looks back on a very successful year.

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  • Decos turns driving into a game with Android app Flo

    Dutch IT company Decos today launched the beta version of Flo, an Android app that's part game, part driving improvement utility. Flo's goal is to give drivers insight into their driving behaviors while offering eco-friendly, cost-saving ways to improve their habits. The beta version of Flo is now available at the Google Play Store.

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  • Decos launches is the innovative, hassle-free way to broadcast, present and simultaneously share retina-quality presentations on smartphones, tablets, and computers in real-time anywhere in the world. Backed by Decos Technology Group, is a free-to-use product that requires no account registration or subscription, and delivers retina-quality text and zoom without causing pixelation on viewers’ displays, making it easy to read even on small screens. can be used both for immediate or scheduled presentations.

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  • launches first real-time presentation app for Google Hangouts, the fastest way to host and simultaneously share retina-quality presentations on smartphones, tablets, and computers in real-time anywhere in the world, today announced the world's first free-to-use, real-time digital presentation app for Google Hangouts. The app, powered by Decos, enables any Google Hangouts user to invite participants to join a video call in real-time and share a retina-quality digital presentation in PDF, Word or PowerPoint format with no subscription or account registration required.

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  • Paperless Decos now also has paperless toilets

    On Monday, June 16, Decos installed a number of innovative toilets in its futuristic office in Noordwijk. And with that, the very last bit of paper has vanished from the organization, now the most paperless company in the Netherlands. CEO Paul Veger is pleased that toilet paper has also been banished from his building. Veger explains his pioneering decision, “We’re always joking that the only paper around here is toilet paper. But now we’ve banished that too, thanks to these two modern Geberit Aqua Clean toilets!”

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  • Discussion on impact ‘exponential technical world

    More than 50 scientists, entrepreneurs and futurists engaged in discussion with one another on Monday, 9 September concerning ethics, values and norms in an exponential technical world. The setting of the event of Singularity NL was quite special and appropriate, namely the completely paperless offices of the IT-organization Decos Technology Group. Interested parties engaged in discussion on the implications of the rapid technological changes that will highly alter our world in the decade to come.

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  • Decos launches driving app Flo

    Decos, innovative developer of sustainable software, today launched the driving app Flo. Flo gives drivers real-time feedback that helps them be safer drivers and save money on fuel and maintenance costs in the process.

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  • Special dreams project between Northgo College and Indian school

    In the week of November 30th, a group of 30 Northgo College students completed a very special international project. Two classes, one in India and one in the Netherlands, have worked for an entire week on visualizing their dreams for the future. They shared them with each other online and live via Skype connection. Decos, Jet-Net partner of Northgo College, initiated the project in the Netherlands and in India.

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  • Driving app Flo publishes worldwide driving behavior report

    Did you know that Mexicans are way better drivers than Americans? Guess not. I bet you're curious about who are better drivers, men or women? Glad to let you know there's the Flo Score, and apps to gather all the info to be able to calculate it. We took a million trips we recorded, analyzed the data, and made this cool infographic with it.

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  • Decos strengthens Robotics team

    Decos has added new members to its robotics team to give an extra impulse to the activities in this area. The new employees are working on improving the reception robot. Currently, the robot must open the door for visitors to the company located in Noordwijk and accompany them to the coffee machine. Decos is preparing plans for establishing a successful robotics division.


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  • Citizens and Hollands Kroon keep the municipality clean with the Fixi reporting app

    The North Holland municipality of Hollands Kroon has a very unique approach to keeping its municipality clean and in good working order. Citizens can use the Fixi app to report any damage to the public space. The municipality will then come and resolve the problem as soon as possible. The results show that the reported issues are being resolved much more quickly thanks to Fixi.

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  • Driving app Flo now lets users compete with colleagues and friends

    Today, Dutch driving app Flo launched Flo Groups. With Flo Groups, every user can create a leaderboard, invite his friends, family or colleagues and see who's the best driver!

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