Together with our customers and partners, we never stand still - and that's a good thing. Together we work hard to realise your digital ambitions. Read our news articles and blogs about the latest developments on the news page.

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Customer Service Management

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  • "Decos solution automated all of the tailored processes"
    antony raja wabag
    Antony Raja
  • "JOIN makes our job less complicated and more efficient"
    Patrick Waelpoel
    Patrick Waelpoel
  • "Decos made us manage our bids and make informed decision"
    avinash shetty leopad
    Avinash Shetty
  • "We have always enjoyed working with Decos"
    Pauline Smulders
    Pauline Smulders
    Municipality of Huizen
  • "Fixi is flexible, supportive and efficient"
    Mathilde Polinder
    Mathilde Polinder
    Municipality of Reimerswaal

Latest news

Decos is owned by its employees

Decos is owned by its employees

Decos is owned by its employees. It’s true—our shares are owned by our colleagues. This means we don’t depend on external creditors, making it ...
The Decos Story: How it all began - Part I

The Decos Story: How it all began - Part I

Founder Paul Veger always manages to fascinate his listeners with anecdotes about the birth of Decos and the early years of the company. So, we ...
The top 5 advantages of e-learning

The top 5 advantages of e-learning

Software should serve the user as opposed to vice versa. Still, working with an extensive package like Agile BPMS  for the first time, can be an ...

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Paul Veger founded Decos Technology Group in 1987 at The Netherlands with a dream to help organizations achieve 100% digitization. Today Decos is helping his founder realize this dream through offices spread across Europe, North America, and Asia using digitization technology perfected over the last 30 years.

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