We believe in a sustainable and connected world. A place where you can work where, when and with who you desire. A place where you can always access the right information which you can openly share with others. A place that has an eye for mankind and its environment. We are working on such a place with our apps and software solutions.

About Decos
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We make products that give you control. With our apps and software solutions you can arrange your work, neighborhood and your travel time in a smarter way.

Our products

Defining tomorrow starts today

Hospitality robots

With a small team of passionate roboteers we build robots that welcome our guests at our office. Pepper is our receptionist, she greets you at our doorstep.

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Children learn about Gamification in workshop

Decos brought together the embassy of the Netherlands and Pune Municipal Corporation on the theme of ‘solid waste management’ through the concept of ‘Gamification’. This event was hosted by an official school of the Pune Municipal Corporation and witnessed participation from more than 6 schools across Pune City.

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Blog - Meet the social robots of CES 2017

By Roel Noort – This year, a lot of robots were to be found at CES. Big brand LG commits strongly to robotics with 4 new robots. Robots are rapidly on their way to become part of our daily lives. Personally, I am a big fan of social robots that can interact with humans and help us with our chores and work. CES 2017 had some interesting news to offer.

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Paperless Decos now also has paperless toilets

Decos installed a number of innovative toilets in its futuristic office in Noordwijk. And with that, the very last bit of paper has vanished from the organization, now the most paperless company in the Netherlands.

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