10 October 2023

Plastic Processing Techniques for Medical Device OEMs

Plastic Processing technique is a very important aspect for medical device OEM’s. 

Plastic flow analysis

In this webinar we covered six different types of plastic processing techniques which are the most used processing techniques across the globe.  

  1. Injection Moulding Process 
  2. Extrusion Process 
  3. Blow Moulding Process 
  4. Thermoforming Process 
  5. Compression Moulding 
  6. Rotational Moulding Process 


Apart from the technique itself we also saw working concepts, different types, materials used for manufacturing and some real-world applications. This webinar gave you a clear idea about what kind of products are manufactured from which plastic processing techniques. 



We also talked about the following key areas 
Material Selection​
While selecting the material for healthcare domain, details on important aspects like Biocompatibility, Cleanability and ROHS Compliance should also be covered.
How to develop concepts that are manufacturable, cost effective and meet your product requirements.​
Plastic Product Design​
Importance of good product design and how it blends the understanding of customer needs, the enhancement of their experience regarding functional needs and the transformation of that idea into something tangible made of plastic. ​
Plastic Flow Analysis​
With Plastic Flow Analysis, we can see how the product will be filled with molten plastic material under the mould.​ Based on this Plastic flow analysis how we suggest changes in product design and process parameters to optimize the product.​
Mould Design​
How to design product moulds and suggest the best gating system and position in components which gives maximum mouldability and at the same time is cost effective.​
Process Optimization ​
How to optimize the process right from compounding, pre-drying, material mixing techniques to its final processing. ​How to increase strength of the product, optimizing barrel temperature, reducing barrel residence time, improving surface gloss, increasing product stiffness or flexibility, optimizing cycle time etc.
Trouble Shooting of Issues related to plastic moulding process like dimensional mismatch, fitment issues, weld line, sink mark, shrinkage, surface roughness, surface blemishes, air bubble, short-short, breaking, jetting etc.
plastic processing

This webinar was presented by Decos, a cutting-edge technology services partner ready to meet your diversified needs in the healthcare domain.

If you have any questions about this webinar or wish to seek advice on UI/UX design, please contact Devesh at devesh.agarwal@decos.com

We would love to discuss it with you! 

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