At Decos we highly value your privacy. That’s why we handle your personal information with the utmost care. Personal information we collect, is carefully processed and secured. We are fully compliant with the laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Securing data

We use security procedures, partly to prevent unauthorised access to this data. These security procedures are continuously enhanced as part of our ISO 27001:2017 certification.

Processing data

As part of our services, we record your data so that we can serve you in the best possible way. This is the case when you subscribe to our newsletter, request information via our website or register for an event, training course or webinar. This includes data such as contact details, requested downloads and the type of event you registered for. We use this data to keep you informed about new Decos products and services. Your private data are not shared with third parties.

When filling in a form on our website, you leave behind data. This includes the following data.

  • Full name
    We’d like to get back to you about your question. That’s why we’d be glad to know your name.
  • Organization
    We ask you which organization you work for so that we know which colleague - or partner - we can pair you with. It is also convenient for you that your regular (or future) account manager can contact you directly.
  • Email address
    We work completely digitally. So we simply need your e-mail address to share the requested information with you. We never share your email address with external parties.
  • Role
    If we want to contact you at a later time, it is helpful to know what role you have within the organization. You can choose between the following roles: Administrator, Consultant, User, Manager, Project Manager, Buyer and Other.

Our website

You can access our website anonymously.Decos does not collect names or other data that say anything about the identity of visitors to this site.However, statistical information that is important for improving the website (such as number of visitors, search behaviour, popular topics and method of navigation) is collected.To do this, we use the IP address of your computer.This IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer as soon as you visit the internet. We do not link these IP addresses to identifiable information.

When you want more information about one of our solutions and leave your details to visit specific pages or receive downloads, we also record these details in order to answer your questions and provide you with more information.

Mailings: choose the information that is relevant to you

We work with various mailing lists to keep you informed about Decos and our products. To ensure that you only receive information that is relevant to you, we work with different mailing lists:

The email lists EventAssistant, Fixi, JOIN Customer Contact, JOIN Case & Document and Pupil Transport are intended for application managers, among others, to keep them informed of software-related news, such as releases, planned maintenance and any malfunctions of the relevant product. To stay informed about the functioning of our software, it is necessary that at least one person per customer receives these mailings.

We use the mailing lists Decos eNews and Fixi eNews to keep you informed about our products and services, new developments and relevant developments in the market. We use the JOIN the Journey mailing list specifically to report on our new platform. You can choose the mailing lists relevant to you yourself, via the sign up for mailings page. You can unsubscribe from these mailings at any time via the 'Manage preferences' button, which we place at the bottom of all our mailings.

Our databases

When you want to know more about us and engage in closer contact with colleagues at Decos, we also capture more of your data in our systems.From customers, we record this contact data based on the AVG basis 'Agreement'. We need this to install our solutions and provide service.From interested parties, we record contact data with a 'legitimate interest' so that we can make you customised proposals and provide you with optimal service. Of course, you can access your data at any time.

Social media

On our social media channels - LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram - our marketing department regularly posts updates.These often include photos and videos in which people can be recognised. When we take these photos, we always mention that they will be used for marketing purposes and ask for verbal permission to do so. If you are recognisable in these expressions and do not feel comfortable with them, please let us know immediately and we will of course remove them as soon as possible.

Privacy Statement Fixi

Users of our app Fixi are subject to an additional privacy statement. This can be found here.

Privacy Statement Decos Cloud Platform

If you store files in external (non-Microsoft) storage while using this service, neither Decos nor Microsoft can guarantee that this information remains within the EU. Furthermore, we have described how we handle your data in a separate privacy statement. This statement can be found here.


Decos reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. In doing so, we will always comply with the applicable laws and regulations relating to privacy.

Current version: 2.2 dated 19 July 2023
Previous version: available at

Would you like to view your personal data? Or would you like to change or remove your data from our systems? Please let us know by e-mail at and we will contact you to assist you with this.