We deem the diligent treatment of personal data of great importance. Personal data, therefore, is processed and secured with care. We thereby observe legislation and regulations in the field of the protection of personal data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data security

We make use of safety procedures, for example, to prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to this data. These safety procedures are constantly being improved in the context of our ISO 27001 certification. 

Data processing

Decos is the developer and provider of the web platform DecosCloud is a SaaS platform offering organizations to manage their processes and workflows by deploying these processes for internal and external use specific to their domain, department, or end-user needs. It serves a wide variety of audiences from (semi) governmental and municipal bodies, as well as enterprises and small and medium businesses. In the context of this service provision, Decos records personal data.

By using DecosCloud you can register your organization by creating a (guest) user account on the platform. You may also become an active user as a result of an invitation by email or through direct interactions to collaborate with an organization. This will lead to the creation of your own (guest) user account on our platform. Consequently, this will allow you to exchange (personal) information and to collaborate on documents and files and to exchange information between you and the organization inviting you as a (guest) user.

The client of Decos, being the organization using our DecosCloud platform, is the data controller in terms of the processing of your data. This can be a municipal organization, (semi) governmental body or an enterprise, or small and medium business. The client uses your data to provide its services via our platform and this may include sending you notifications and keeping you informed regarding progress on various services and processes we provide via DecosCloud.

The client will apply his own privacy policy to decide how to process and handle your data. He may provide this data to third parties, such as contractors, partners, or specialized companies.

Decos processes your data in case we have to provide support to our client. In such case, we have access to your data. We will never provide this data to third parties (including any contractors, partners, or specialized companies). As soon as the client destroys the data, we no longer have access to your data.

Data processed

Below is a detailed overview of the data we process on DecosCloud:

  • Email address
    Your email address is mandatory to create a user or organizational account. Your email address will be used to notify you about changes and progress. This data is never publicly shared or exposed. It is only available to Decos and the client.
  • Mobile phone number
    Your mobile phone number is mandatory to create a (guest) user or organization account. Your mobile phone number will be used to provide two-factor authentication by SMS next to your email & account password. Decos will not use this data to provide support or to contact you. This data is never publicly shared or exposed. It is only available to Decos and the client.
  • First and last name
    Your name details (first name, last name) are mandatory data to create a (guest) user or organization account. Your name will be used in communication and notifications from the platform. This data is never publicly shared or exposed. It is only available to Decos and the client.
  • Organization
    Your organization details (name and related details) are optional data to create a user or organizational account. This data is never publicly shared or exposed. It is only available to Decos and the client.
  • Address information
    Your address information is optional; however, you may provide this when creating a user or organizational account. This data is never publicly shared or exposed. It is only available to Decos and the client.
  • Chat messages
    Chat messages created by you during the collaboration with the client on processes or files on the platform will be stored.

Additionally, we use the data described above for:

  • Customer service and improvements
    DecosCloud offers the possibility of sending feedback messages to Decos. These are different from public space notifications - this feedback relates to the product of DecosCloud itself. This may be a comment, for example, on something not functioning properly, a suggestion for an improvement, but also kudos because you appreciate a solution. We store this data in our ticket system so that we can assist you when needed. We store your email address, the date of the comment, and the comment itself.
  • Account

    A user or guest user account exists on DecosCloud as a combination of your email address, organizational context details as listed above, and, optionally, a stored password if the account is a local account on DecosCloud. Passwords are always stored in a strongly non-reversible encrypted form - we do not have access to passwords and neither does the client.

Would you like to peruse your personal data? Or do you wish to modify data or remove it from our system? Would you like to know who the client handling your notification is? Let us know via email at and we will contact you in order to assist you.

Cookie settings

The DecosCloud platform and website use browser cookies for the following purposes:

Necessary and functional Cookies
These cookies are used to provide the functionality to be able to use our websites and platform. This includes the use of session management when logging in on your user account (authentication purpose). You cannot deactivate these cookies.

Tracking and performance Cookies
DecosCloud uses browser cookies to be able to analyze how visitors use our solution and website. This analytical data cannot be traced back to a user. For this purpose, we make use of the settings as indicated by the oversight agency 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens'.


Decos reserves the right to apply changes to this privacy statement. We will thereby always observe the applicable legislation and regulations.

Version: 7 september 2021